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$10 dances  
And those clients will get her off the payroll I hope so it's bad marketing. They find other victims and they frequent known ripoff joints like Chez Paree and Les//--> Posted by Bariver  
Are there any SCs left that have 25-30 dancers on the floor?  
I have not been to a SC in 12-15 years, are there still any left that have 25-30 dancers on the floor on the same night?//--> Posted by VSOP  
Kiosk Bar is still open?  
Officially closed after christmas this year. Owner ws trying to sell but eith no success. Definately closed//--> Posted by seeker123  
Stripping this thursday and/or friday night  
Cleo would be good but that's just because it's closer to where I live.//--> Posted by Kinky Cinderella  
Legit question about Montreal strip clubs, contact, etc.  
// Edit. I found the information I was looking for. N00b mistake with the forum system, my bad. Hey all, I've been a member of this board for some time but just observing/lurking. Full disclosure I //--> Posted by Barkhausen  
Does anyone know when $5 became the price for dances in Montreal?  
I know that in 1999 and 2000 the price went from $5 to $10. But I don't know when $5 started being the price. Can any of the real old-timers help me out?//--> Posted by Red Paul  
Pornstar Romi Rain and Abigail Mac in montreal  
I ran into Romi on Halloween, and she was all dressed up. Asked me to take some pics of her on her phone for instagram. She looked phenomenal... recommend seeing her and Abigail if they happen to be f//--> Posted by leilomo  
Huge Tits?  
Hey guys. Toronto guy coming to see Leafs/Habs on Saturday. Looking to have some fun and hoping to find some huge tits there. Any help would be greatly appreciated and reciprocated if in Toronto//--> Posted by MojoRisin'  
Whatever happened to Montreal strip bars?  
I remember during my student years in mid 90's Montreal strip bars were thriving. Line ups late at nights, full crowd during the lunch hour at almost all downtown strip bars (Super Sex, Chez Paree, Cl//--> Posted by Montreal visitor  
new to Montreal  
La Gent would be the only place I go, tried a couple of Montreal ones and was not too impressed, same old dancers wanting to extract as much money as possible, it is their //--> Posted by BeGentle  
Cabaret L'Absolution  
190 Notre-Dame Lavaltrie, QC There is a new tity bar called Cabaret L'Absolution that is supposed to be open by September 1. Seems to be the same address as the former Baja. I wonder if it is still t//--> Posted by CLOUD 500  
Cabaret Trésor Caché  
Hi Guys. Anyone went there, new club on Ste. Catherine Street. The website mentioned that it is the sister club of Les Amazones. Could not find any info on it anywhere. What are the prices there//--> Posted by Otiluke  
New strip club opened?  
Crazy Moon just got shut down. Clubs like this justifyes those religious fanatics and feminists and ultra conservatives to shut down all prostitution. The club is not behaving. It was a front for ille//--> Posted by sontos  
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