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Crazy Moon Laval  
Not surprised at all. Every club that opened up in the exact location was always dead and eventually shut down. Location is the problem. Even though Pink Paradise tried to move its operations there th//--> Posted by anonim1996  
Suggestions on a weekend trip to Montreal Strip Clubs downtown.  
Club L'Axe is very close to the Greyhound station. How is it?//--> Posted by falcon13  
Mature stripper  
Which club has many mature strippers (30-50 years old) ?//--> Posted by Funkyman  
Police raids in strip clubs  
If not, we’ll you will get led out in handcuffs. Not very convenient to put your pants back on.....//--> Posted by sinbad  
So buying a lap dance is technically illegal?  
Read the weirdest thing today on Wikipedia. According to the Wikipedia page for lap dance; it's technically illegal to purchase a lap dance as of 2014 in Canada. They can sell you a lap dance, but if //--> Posted by figuroxxx  
Good clubs near public transport  
Hi, I'm staying downtown this weekend. I usually stick to clubs in the downtown area, but I'd like to expand my horizons. Can anyone suggest good clubs outside downtown, preferably accessible by pub//--> Posted by figuroxxx  
Whoever's calling the shots at L'Axe have lost their minds  
I went by L'Axe on Friday evening. I wasn't going to be able to stay long but figured I might get 2 or three dances. Went to the booths with a girl, paid the $5 booth charge and was given the options //--> Posted by mack  
Solid Gold  
Bonjour J'aimerais savoir si quelqu'un a bien connu le bar le Split Bol il y a environ 4 ans? J'aimerais bien revoir une danseuse vraiment sympathique qui aimait le vélo, s'entraînait beaucoup. Elle //--> Posted by Tribeca  
Crazy Moon in Laval 👍  
I drove into the completely empty parking lot of Pink Paradise tonight, and as I took out my phone to Google to see if there was any news on it, the P P. doorman walked over to my car and told me that//--> Posted by montrealstay  
$10 dances  
Amazon on St. Jacques is still 10$/dance. Fairly close to downtown as well. 15$ / dance now//--> Posted by Bariver  
Are there any SCs left that have 25-30 dancers on the floor?  
I have not been to a SC in 12-15 years, are there still any left that have 25-30 dancers on the floor on the same night?//--> Posted by VSOP  
Kiosk Bar is still open?  
Officially closed after christmas this year. Owner ws trying to sell but eith no success. Definately closed//--> Posted by seeker123  
Stripping this thursday and/or friday night  
Hey guys... I don't know if you can help me I would like to strip one of those night (or even both if the demands are there!)...but I wanted to know if La Source is fine for you...Clea//--> Posted by Kinky Cinderella  
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