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Old montreal  
Hi guys I need suggestions for places to go neer old port, place des congrès. I m à Quebec city user and Walt to Troy what si go in this sector. Thank's//--> Posted by Her268  
Therapeutic Massage NDG  
No Options available (She is married). Very good at identifying problems and solutions for all sorts of back problems.. She is Ukrainian, 50ish, friendly. Gives a very good, relaxing, strong ma//--> Posted by HUmm64  
Emmanuel Caressens...  
Eltouito? El-Twitto? Or El-Shillo? Elle sont tentantes? I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. :) Alfie//--> Posted by eltouito  
5777 Decarie  
I stop there, when I saw the sign massage. It's in a basement of the building. A girl bring me to a room, I took a shower and I lay down on the matrix. The room has no decoration, no mirror. The //--> Posted by Waigin  
Massage Pussy Corps  
I remember when this place was a SSHJ place... you'd go there and put on the charm and 50% of the time you'd get an actual HJ and the other 50% you'd get more!//--> Posted by interferon  
Excellent massage thérapeutique #6023  
Oui je veux aller la voir aussi, elle semble bien jolie à tous points de vue!!! Un vrai bon Massage c'est toujours bien et encore mieux quand on se fait gâter... Ce serait bien si on pouvait en voir //--> Posted by FYB  
Kara (asian) Ahuntsic kijiji  
TOFF. Nice lady, means well. THE BAD Weak shower flow. Noisy (husband + Young kids screaming upstairs) Fully covered no sensuality no nothing. Tries by all means to sell you the therapeutic //--> Posted by Mike Gauvin  
Masso kino st hubert  
Anyone ever been there, small massage place on chemin chambly,only reason i think they might offer more than usual is that all windows are frosted and lock on door,have to be buzzed in? pm if you feel//--> Posted by nicknickolas  
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