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TOFTT: Chingly - massage de tes rêves  
She advertises in therapeutic massage section of ann123. I took a plunge some time ago and went back recently because I meant to write a review and wanted to be sure... This bubbly Chinese lady is po//--> Posted by vagulo  
Ange-Masseuse Indy (514)*437-3252  
Nogiki She may also advertise for massage but what she is is an escort//--> Posted by franck0607  
Beaute Moiselle-998 stlaurent-professional massage only 514-871-8886  
Good afternoon members I had read a thread, a gentleman started, and he had mentioned quality of massage, is hard to find in montreal! There was some reference to a studio in San F//--> Posted by Darius D Pringle  
nancy lapointe mercier  
Voir> Posted by sergiobodrito  
Longueuil # 4264 perds pas ton temps  
Rencontrée récemment, +200lbs, gros seins avec métal dans les 2 mamelons, met trop d'huile (mais au moins elle offre la douche), parle constamment, ne semble pas aimé la quiétude et le silence d'un bo//--> Posted by FYB  
Alexandra Laval 3684  
She is on Humpchies. I saw her yesterday and it was an amazing surprise!! Her pictures are accurate and she is super nice girl. The booking wasn’t that easy but the 40 minute late was worth!! Massag//--> Posted by husky601  
Masha/Marsha Russian Milf ex-Clinique Carmen/Spa Elegance  
looking for a little feedback on Masha before my appointment with her tomorrow. From what i read she worked at Clinique Carmen/Spa Elegance in the past and now is on her own. Does anyone know if s//--> Posted by Krazyg  
Hi long time lurker, just started posting :P Saw this place advertised on backpage, was feeling horny on a sunday evening with not so many options so gave this place a try Was what you'd expect in a//--> Posted by dudeski  
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