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  • Hello nylonlover ! I am totaly new with Merb and i have everything to discover ! I cant even read your message ! I am the real Mykaela ! All the best xxxxxxxxx
    MY PM box is empty you dirty pigs LOL.
    @SUPERIEUR2, of course you can catch a sickness from a BBBJ. In theory, even HIV can be caught from a BBBJ under the right circumstances, although highly unlikely. Play it safe !
    Hi nylonlover, I went to see Jennifer on Friday and I just posted a review...wanted to thank you since you motivated me! :) and also ask you one thing, you seem to be so experienced, do you think I can get a disease from her giving me a bbbj??? I had a weird feeling after the session! I read alot on the net and I didn't see any blood in her mouth or saliva but......just wanted to know your opinion.
    Thanks a million
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